Our Story

ASJ Fusion originally started back in 2002 with a real focus on supporting businesses with their financial software training.  Over time this grew to include business administration and IT training.  Even though the business was just starting out, I knew exactly where things where heading.

Fast forward to 2013 …. fueled by a passion for “all things financial” and a desire to know every angle of my own business, I certified with the IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers).  Being registered with a leading professional and awarding body of bookkeepers gave me a springboard to another level of solutions provider.

Having certified with the IAB, this now put me in a position to blend together 17 years of expertise across business administration, training others, organisational skills and understanding of company infrastructure.  All of this resulted in a working model and key core values that sit firmly at the heart of ASJ Fusion.

What sets ASJ Fusion apart from the rest?

This is a great question and one we frequently get asked.  The true answer is always; our core values.  In a world that is constantly evolving and at a time of economic uncertainty – what businesses need most is a constant.  ASJ Fusion treats every project as a collaboration.  We will work with you to refine your processes and ultimately get the very best result.

ASJ Fusion is on hand to meet not just your bookkeeping and software requirements but a whole host of other solutions across your business.  We can adapt to long or short-term projects.  So why not drop us a line?  We’d love to hear from you.

ASJ Fusion’s core values :

  • Our business is your business
  • We work with your business not for your business
  • ASJ Fusion is our ‘pride and joy’.  We want our clients to feel the same way about their business
  • We believe in joined-up thinking across all aspects of a business

About Sue

When I say I work with a passion, I do and so much so that when I found that my first career pathway as an assistant air traffic controller did not feel right for me, I changed it and ever since then I have continued to meet and exceed the work I have done in so many ways.

Having worked in large corporate organisations, public sector Council and NHS offices, private practices in the legal and recruitment industries and even youth work and small business mentoring then I know that I bring my knowledge with me whenever I work with the client organisation I am lucky enough to find myself with.

Having kept pace with the transition in technology usage I found a major passion for computerised systems and databases yet I still love seeing a paperwork mess get sorted too!  But that core aim is and continues to be that the information generated by a business needs to talk for the business as well as how the accountant needs it talking too.

IAB Podcast – Courtesy of the IAB

From ineffective managers to saving clients – the Susan Jones interview

Today we’re talking with Sue Jones from ASJFusion a successful bookkeeping practise based in the north of the UK.

On this episode, we discuss why ineffective managers led her to set up her own business.

How damaging not getting ‘it’ right can be.

How Sue’s nagging has helped rescue so many businesses

I also ask what her hints and tips for business are

What her motivation is plus much more


What Clients Say

Not a traditional bookkeeper

Susan Jones was introduced to me around seven years ago, my previous bookkeeper was simply hopeless...just punched data into the accounts software with no thought, care or idea!

Susan was a revelation, she is not just a 'bookkeeper' more of a 'Financial Officer' of the company. She is anal in her detail, sometimes pretty frustrating but I was advised 'the point of entering data is critical to understanding the performance of my business.'

Resada Contracts Ltd
Michael Bury

Continued support

I have known Sue for a number of years as our bookkeeper, which in no way describes her expertise. I have introduced Sue to a number of businesses we have been involved in. She continues to support these firms and I will continue to recommend her to others!!
Matrix Corporate (Services) Ltd
Chris Walsh

No Waffling

Coming to us in February 2017 Sue has changed our back office systems, upgrading us to an accounting package tailored to our business needs, sorting out paperwork not input correctly, VAT issues dealt with and payroll changes and auto-enrolment, what has she not done but what Sue has provided has been constant and incredibly knowledgeable support. When she does not know she finds an answer and there is no waffling if she can’t find it – she will find the right person or direction to get to next. Would not wish to be without her on the team
(Catering organisation)
Slaters Catering Ltd
Vincent Slater

All needs met

Whatever I need, since Nov 2015 Sue has been there with the skills and experience to meet the needs and day to day running of our businesses. Totally trustworthy with caring and passion coming out of her fingers!
(Properties, Pubs and Electrical Contractors)
CPL Holdings (UK) Ltd
William Turnbull

Saved our Bacon!

Sue came to us in Nov 2016 and has literally been our life line – yes she can be a total pain and nag constantly but her cashflow monitoring has saved our bacon and her assistance with HMRC to sort out areas that should not have gone wrong but did has enabled us to live through the challenges. When it comes to not wanting to let go until it is finalised, she is like a dog with a bone! Cannot recommend her highly enough but be warned, she may be like marmite to some!
(Conservation Contractors)
John Lambert (North West) Ltd
John Lambert