Author: origamifox

Pre-Accounting - Have you heard of it?


Pre-Accounting - what is this As you know, this business tends to work with the macro businesses - the ones that cannot afford big company teams of people who have the experience and knowledge to put systems in place.  All too often when I get into a business I find that there is little or no automation on anything and certainly paperwork (electronic and paper) is pretty much non-existent.  Businesses often work from gut knowledge not actual...

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Them and Us -v- You and Me


Do you work for the business or with the business? An article in Accounting Web (they always give me food for thought so expect more of these in times to come I would say now!) got me thinking about this one.  The article link is here My ethos has been over these years of having my own business has been that I no longer work for a...

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