Do you still feel you are learning?

Am part of a few groups on FaceBook for various payroll and bookkeeping information.  Sometimes I comments on post when I feel have the necessary expertise and I did this yesterday.  The query was in relation to sales being received net of fees.  I felt I had a good background on this one in the software programme I use by choice and the initial comment that I posted was how I initially used to do it but had quickly learnt that that was very time consuming and had found another way so thought I had it nailed.

Not saying I was wrong specifically but the way I do it has me re-thinking about the way bookkeepers work with software and how accountants see things.  If you are a computerised bookkeeper then you are taught learning a database that manages the challenges of bookkeeping.  If you are an accountant you are brought into the world many seem to feel is the only way … journal entries.

Sure enough, on the FB post, each of us had different ways of doing the same thing but it did make me think about a VAT angle that I had not realised could be an issue for the way I currently record some transactions.  This VAT query may well not arise on another software because it is learning the way that that specific software works that gets the job done correctly, not the way that each individual person believes it should be done but it has given a lot of food for thought.

Even now, coming up to my retirement years (I hope!), it is fascinating how much more learning can still be done and anything that makes me think (and actually feel that I wanted to understand why the comments on that post came about in such varied ways) is, for me a positive.  Do I want to stop working in a few years time or do I want to keep having my brain thinking …. why …. definitely the why methinks!