Pre-Accounting – Have you heard of it?

Pre-Accounting – what is this

As you know, this business tends to work with the macro businesses – the ones that cannot afford big company teams of people who have the experience and knowledge to put systems in place.  All too often when I get into a business I find that there is little or no automation on anything and certainly paperwork (electronic and paper) is pretty much non-existent.  Businesses often work from gut knowledge not actual knowledge, at least in the areas I have so far experienced.

Having come across this article via Receipt Bank, my thoughts were mixed.  A key phrase that caught my attention

… Receipt Bank reads your receipt quickly and accurately, pulling the data your accountant needs …

Apparently the next step in the process is that the accountant reviews the receipt and posts (publishes) it to the accounts.

So why am I concerned about this I hear you ask … am I really going to be grumpy about a process that saves time with not scanning and storing and manually entering. Yup!  I am cynical about this due to living and breathing experience of automation that goes wrong.

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