Them and Us -v- You and Me

Do you work for the business or with the business?

An article in Accounting Web (they always give me food for thought so expect more of these in times to come I would say now!) got me thinking about this one.  The article link is here

My ethos has been over these years of having my own business has been that I no longer work for a business I work with a business.  Does it really matter though?  For me, it meant a lot.  I love being able to work with small business owners, getting to know their businesses and slowly but surely becoming a necessary and (I hope!) loved part of their team.  Far too many times I know I refer to what we are doing as “we” and not “you“.  I feel part of them and their development and I know that my input has value to their working practices as I am useless at being told to do something in the way they think it should be done.  If I already know it cannot be done that way, it is time for guidance down safer routes.  It is my passion so … what do you do … work for the business or with the business?