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Do you still feel you are learning?


Am part of a few groups on FaceBook for various payroll and bookkeeping information.  Sometimes I comments on post when I feel have the necessary expertise and I did this yesterday.  The query was in relation to sales being received net of fees.  I felt I had a good background on this one in the software programme I use by choice and the initial comment that I posted was how I initially used to do it but had quickly learnt that that was very time...

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The Tax Gap


HMRC are after the small businesses ... why? Am presently trying to certify in Xero on the Adviser programme.  I do not really want to use Xero as in the past when being asked to attend client premises I have found that Xero is based around the Sage accounting concept and is made so much more familiar for accountants than it is for businesses although I would guess that any Xero and Sage experts would heartily disagree with me.  However, from my...

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Pre-Accounting - Have you heard of it?


Pre-Accounting - what is this As you know, this business tends to work with the macro businesses - the ones that cannot afford big company teams of people who have the experience and knowledge to put systems in place.  All too often when I get into a business I find that there is little or no automation on anything and certainly paperwork (electronic and paper) is pretty much non-existent.  Businesses often work from gut knowledge not actual...

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