The first thing we get asked by almost everyone is “what is your hourly rate”?

How important is it to your business to get the cheapest figure?  Will that figure add value to your business?  Is there actually a benefit by buying “cheap”?  and … more importantly … what is “cheap”!

We are all guilty of trying to get that price out there so that the snap judgement is made and it is all too often “oh that is too expensive”.

So ask yourself  … is it price, quality, person, skills, experience, value or anything else you are really asking by saying “what is your hourly rate?”.  Why don’t you try and describe your price to this business and provide the value to my business by my business asking you “what is your price?”

With certainty of cost and choice of service this business can offer you a price tailored to YOUR requirements.  What do you need to cover to add value to your business?  The menu options below can be tailored for your business needs and not another business needs so choose what you feel would benefit your business and contact us to discuss your unique pricing option.  You are no longer paying for what you do not know but you have a certainty of tasks done and costs involved.

This is a unique approach … but we ARE UNIQUE! And we do add value to your business by being a vital part of your team.  Too good to be true … have a look at what our client’s say …

Option 1

1-5 Employees
100 Business Transactions
Per Month

Options 2

6-10 Employees
300 Business Transactions
Per Month

Option 3

11-20 Employees
750 Business Transactions
Per Month
Set up New business
Transfer of existing business
Basic bookkeeping : per month : transaction input only (note 3)
Enhanced Bookkeeping : per month ; includes bank reconciliations (note 4)
Supplier payments (credit control) (note 5)
initial set up
weekly + new starters and leavers + journal to QBO (note 6)
Monthly + new starters and leavers (note 6)
Weekly and monthly combined + new starters and leavers (note 6)
Auto Enrolment
set up of scheme (note 7)
triennial review
Weekly + starters and leavers (note 7)
Monthly +starters and leavers (note 7)
weekly and monthly + starters and leavers + (note 7)
VAT returns (note 8)
CIS 300 (note 9)(Subcontractors)
CIS Suffered (deductions) (note 9)
Credit card management (note 10)
Merchant card management (note 10)
Annual Tax Return
Monthly business reports
Cashflow management
Clean Up workHourly rate onlyHourly rate onlyHourly rate only
HMRC PAYE account check
Ad hoc assistance – covers utilities, property management including telephone calls, HMRC assistance (subject to agent status) Note 11)Up to 1 hour per monthUp to 3 hours per monthUp to 10 hours per month


  1. New Business Set Up should be within the first 3 months of business; this does not include bank feed set up
  2. Existing business set up will always be commenced from the start of a trading year – this will include bank feed set up
  3. A transaction is treated as a purchase invoice input, sales invoice input, cheque, cash or bank payment and must be provided to this business electronically
  4. Bank reconciliations require bank statements to be provided by you
  5. Credit control will cover the analysis of invoices due, submission of requests for payments to you or, with your specific permission and relevant bank set up, payment of these to specific deadlines
  6. Payroll will include preparation from your information, the submission of information to HMRC, dealing with starters and leavers and the input of relevant journal entries to your accounting software
  7. Auto-enrolment set up costs, review costs and continuing ongoing costs are separated out to ensure clarity of work required to complete this kind of work
  8. VAT returns will require agent status to be obtained
  9. Preparation and submission of your CIS return on a monthly basis to the required basis and notification to you of the amount to pay and when
  10. Credit card and merchant card management need special skills to be sure that your accounting software is being accurately reconciled and checked – this option ensures that your credit and merchant cards are fully checked monthly – log in details as an additional user to your merchant or card portal will usually be required
  11. Any agreed work can be done during these hours – you will be invoiced for this option up to your agreed timescale whether or not this time is used

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